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Education for the kids and the school of hard knocks for the community

The Covid epidemic is back upon us in Yellowstone County. Hopefully, we have topped out but that is certainly unclear.

Although we have learned an incredible amount about this virus in a short time, crucial information to develop future oriented policies that will contain this epidemic is still unknown. Despite this lack of knowledge, we will be forced to move forward. The next cycle of youth education and development looms before us. Hiding in the spare bedroom is not an option. I believe we will have to make modifications of school policies and procedures that may limit the spread of the virus and allow youth development to move forward. The most important component of this is to assess which policy changes have contributed to constraining the virus and which have not.

A science based, rational approach is the safest way forward and ultimately the most effective way forward. A reactionary “reopening” of the schools and let the chips fall where they may is foolish, costly, and ineffectual. Policies based on our current understanding supported by intensive ongoing re-assessment and epidemiological study of the impact of various policies as the school year moves on is our best way to protect our children and the educational personnel.

Policies based on thoughts, hopes, and prayers will risk an educational disaster and sending many thoughts, hopes, and prayers to the victims’ families of that disaster.


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