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Pick an epidemiologist for your fantasy legislature

Living with current epidemic, I have come to the opinion that the most important reason you should vote for me is that I am a trained and experienced physician epidemiologist. I seriously doubt that another physician epidemiologist will be in the Montana legislature in January. Will the epidemic be controlled by then? Highly unlikely.

As we watch the situation in many states and the country as a whole careen out of control, we see the consequences of poor policy choices. Is Montana immune from poor policy making and implementation? Certainly not, particularly since the Governor’s office is up for grabs and I have serious doubts about the Republican candidate making good public health decisions.

Do I support public lands, public schools, good middle class jobs, combating climate change, equal justice under the law in the courts and streets as well as many other Democratic Party goals? Absolutely and I will fight for them.

You may disagree with some of these policy objectives. Even so you should still vote for me. There should be least one legislator in Helena that has the training and experience to help with the biggest threat to your health, your family’s health and our economic well-being in our lifetimes.

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